Benefit from a comprehensive,

results-oriented process.

Advisors who have lived the CEO life.

All InterSource Advisors have been CEOs. With typically more than a decade of business ownership and management experience, they recognize the solitary view from the top. They understand that no CEO can know everything all the time. They also know that, while their role is to help you navigate, you must maintain control.

Our Advisors have the experience to build a strong working relationship with you. Instead of forcing you into a rigid process, they can adjust our methodologies to begin with your most pressing concerns and priorities. They work within your budget at the pace you set.

Experienced advisors plus sound methodology is a powerful mix. Add the insight gained through a close working relationship, and you have a substantial impact on your business results.

The key to success? An Advisor, process and relationship focused exclusively on the CEO—you.

The big picture.

We are relationship oriented, rather than project focused. Through regular meetings, your Advisor gets to know you and your company. They can, therefore, address issues before you see them and before they become fires that siphon your attention away from growing and building value.

Working at your pace, we help you increase the value of your business. Our services:

  • Address both management and ownership issues and the unique interaction in an owner-operated company
  • Are integrated with other business and professional disciplines, not administered in a vacuum
  • Other areas, even personal issues, are important parts of the process
  • Include big ideas and how to implement them, plus follow up and accountability for course correction
  • Create a working relationship, designed from years of experience, to maximize impact and minimize use of your time
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