Don’t just run your business.

Control your business destiny.

In times of rapid growth or major transition, it is important to carefully manage the forces of change. What brought you from a startup to where you are now won’t get you from here to the next level.

In your dynamic environment, you must continuously refocus and adapt—making constant course corrections almost daily—without losing sight of your ultimate goals. 

Where do you, as CEO, turn for advice when those around you are dependent upon you?

InterSource is a CEO consulting firm for owners of middle market and emerging growth companies. Our Advisors—all with CEO experience—help you address issues that arise during periods of growth and change. They help you plan and accomplish your goals.

Guidance for the life of your business. 

Your InterSource Advisor builds a one-on-one relationship with you. You can expect:

  • Regular meetings tailored to your needs and schedule
  • A focus on the overall life and health of your business
  • Projects and transactions addressed within the context of your big picture

Growth happens in large steps. Markets emerge, change, and fade. Industries evolve. Your InterSource Advisor helps you make critical operational, financial, marketing, and staffing decisions that promote your continued success.

We don’t step in and run your business—that stays in your hands. But we do advise you from strategy development through the details of implementation.

Our process is all-inclusive, from early growth through the entire life cycle of your business and beyond. This comprehensive view is an integral part of successful business growth and development. It is a powerful tool for you to build value and control your business destiny. 

InterSource: When business as usual is not good enough.

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