Get sound advice from a peer.

Gain focus. Build value.

Your InterSource Advisor guides you through a proven process to grow your business, build value, and leave a lasting legacy.

  • Gain clarity of vision and a path to accomplish what you once thought impossible.
  • Increase revenue, profit, growth rate, market share.
  • Dodge bullets. Your Advisor can help you avoid a problem.
  • Make life easier. Have more time with less stress and uncertainty.

Quick, actionable ideas.

Your Advisor helps you develop concrete plans that promote growth, untangle thorny issues, and manage constant change throughout every life stage of your business. How? Through ongoing feedback as well as connections to third-party experts as needed. Your Advisor is what you always wished you had: someone who’s been down this road before and can help you avoid pitfalls.

Focus—the key to your success.

  • We provide you with tools to focus on:
  • The highest and best use of your time
  • Your company’s short- and long-term plans
  • Company activities that implement strategic plans and achieve your goals
  • Time to become proactive instead of reactive

When you’re properly focused, you’re in control. 

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