Join an expanding team of CEO Advisors.

Become a trusted Advisor to CEOs of middle market and emerging growth companies in your area. InterSource is expanding. We’re looking for leaders with CEO experience.

Our unique, dynamic consulting approach affords you the tools, business networks, and flexibility you need to build a process ideal for each client.

We are creating a new way to do business and executive management – making it a little less lonely at the top. 

Who are we looking for?

Former CEOs. We prefer those who have run more than one company, as this allows for a dramatically expanded knowledge base. 

Advisors. We need people who can act as valuable outside advisors without taking over and running the client’s company. Think of the kind of experience and advice that you would have appreciated when you were a CEO.  

Well-connected businesspeople. We are looking for those who are already well connected in their local community with service providers, business owners, and professional and community organizations. 

Diverse businesspeople.  We have clients with a wide variety of experiences, backgrounds, and business environments. We seek diversity in our Advisors to add to the breadth of available perspectives and experiences. 

Organized managers.   Our Advisors work with multiple ongoing clients at once and are also involved in local business events.  We need people who can prioritize and manage multiple clients and activities. 


Is this the right fit for you? Contact us to discuss Advisor roles in your area.


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