Enjoy a more stable consulting environment.

InterSource is unique.  We aspire to nothing less than changing the way business owner/CEOs operate by filling that gap they don’t know is there – where to turn with those CEO-only questions.  We have never found another company combining the components, skills, methodology, and business model that we have.  Our business model is based on a long-term, ongoing process, not spotty project work. 

Relationships.  Through regular one-on-one meetings, you build robust working relationships with each client individually. You have the time and resources to get to know them, their businesses, and their concerns from the exclusive CEO point of view.  You become their Trusted Advisor.

Direct with the decision maker.  We focus on middle market and emerging growth companies where you work with the one decision maker and can see results quickly, without waiting for a bureaucracy or hidden agendas.  In a long term engagement you have and see a significant impact on the business from your advice to the CEO. 

No travel. Because you focus your efforts in your own metropolitan area, you avoid the heavy travel most consultants experience. You simply need to get to your clients’ offices or other designated meeting places. Enjoy more time for your personal life. 


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