Case Study 1

The Client:
A contract labor division of a technical services company with assets of several hundred million dollars.  The division provides technical services and personnel to high tech companies.

The Issue:
Unlike other regional offices that provide similar services, this region was not profitable, and faced closure by senior management. Regional manager sought to make the region profitable, but was stymied by insufficient communication, stylistic differences between division headquarters and the region, and lack of cooperation between other individuals in the organization.  Finally, this region was starting to secure non-traditional business that although profitable, caused cultural upset and resistance. 

A Closer Look:
We set up regular sessions for key individuals to discuss and clarify their capabilities, objectives, methodologies, and roles -- both individually and as they fit together with each other.

A Solution:
We set up a new system of regular communication between the key individuals and division headquarters, as well as key individuals and their staff.  We continued to work with them to implement the system.

The Bottom Line:
We worked with key individuals in this region in several sessions over the course of two months for a total of only eleven billable hours.  In that time, business increased 43%, with profitability rising to a point of acceptable stability.  In the following two months, gross profits increased by 91%, and within four months gross profits increased by 135%.

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