Case Study 6

The Client:
A cooperative retirement community.

The Issue:
With the goal of closing on 160 residential units in a short period of time, the client sought to significantly increase the number of qualified prospects contacting its sales center from 10 to 15 per week.

A Closer Look:
We reviewed all available, relevant databases on housing and the elderly, interviewed community social service professionals on attitudes and needs of the elderly regarding housing, and conducted focus groups with seniors and their children to discover their most compelling attitudes and preferences.  Based on this research, we determined that we should position the residence as a place that enhances the independence of active people and their quality of life through services, amenities, and community.

A Solution:
We developed a seven-month campaign with the theme, "A Cooperative Community for People with a Lot of Life to Live."  Implemented in direct mail, radio, and television, the campaign used humorous lead-ins, such as "My Parents Disappeared," "My Parents Run With a Fast Crowd," "My Parents Have No Respect for Tradition," to present the travel opportunities, fun, and positive aspects of life in the community.  Networking using the core group of 100 residents, and public relations efforts, supported the campaign.

The Bottom Line:
Within six weeks after the campaign began, the sales center was receiving 195 new prospects per week, generating 2,000 qualified inquiries out of a total projected market of 3,000 within four months.

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