Testimonials - Results & Quotes

  • Some examples of results produced for our clients: 
  • Increased revenue for a technical services firm by 43% and profits 135% in four months. 
  • Saved department of major newsweekly magazine over 30% in labor costs, while eliminating three month backlog. 
  • Created, structured, and transitioned management team of emerging growth bioinformatics firm which led to extreme growth, IPO, and billion dollar market cap.
  • Created and implemented business strategy and systems leading to 400% growth in two years for software development firm.
  • Provided interim CEO to manufacturer of high performance electronic control systems suffering from a significant business interruption.
  • Advised owner of custom forms design and printing company how to increase enterprise value and salability while reducing their personal workload. 
  • Saved a growing company over one million dollars by performing a market and competitor analysis. 
  • Created new business model for a real estate firm which resulted in double the industry average profitability.
  • Redesigned operational systems for a consulting firm which reduced the time and effort to monitor performance by 95% and significantly increased quality of management information. 
  • Implemented asset redeployment plan that produced $400,000 for unbankable company on the verge of bankruptcy. 
  • Investment capital secured for several different projects up to $5,000,000. 
  • Created financial software program that reduced total labor by 60% and senior analyst labor by 90%.
  • Performed external expert market survey and analysis of opportunity for management and board of directors of scientific trade association. 
  • Assisted with pre-divestiture planning and transaction professionals for management buyout of a division of a large corporation.
  • Dramatically improved the culture and work environment for national trade association and aligned everyone towards a common vision. 
  • Refocused corporate video production company back onto founder’s true passion and initial direction of feature productions. 
  • Increased the profitability of a law firm and provided a growth strategy to build on the founder’s expertise. 
  • Established financial metrics and dashboard for CEO who was then able to manage operating leverage and increase profits by 400%. 
  • Established best practices for project management in a logistically intensive company which produced greater productivity and profits while reducing errors and labor costs. 
  • Designed and implemented a company-wide incentive compensation plan for client which cut costs and increased profits from 8% to 12%, resulting in an increase in the market value of the company by $14 million. 


Selected Client Quotes. . .

“Your big picture thinking and ramifications tied all aspects of business together, and showed us how to manage growth in every area.”

“The feature of your work that intrigued me and helped me sort issues out the most was your ability to see the whole company— taking into account our roots, our present, and our future dreams and visions.”

“Within several weeks of our first consulting session, I reached my short-term financial goal.  Within a year, I had reached my long-term, and seemingly impossible, goal of doubling my monthly revenue.”

“During the first few months of working with Rich we streamlined and improved our operations while reducing our expenditures.  Then, through networking with individuals he introduced, we significantly increased our sales revenue.”

 “John’s deceptively simple style of consulting draws on his vast knowledge of business.  He has an uncanny ability to find the kernel of value a business has to offer that will break open the organization’s success.  In addition, because he is steeped in many kinds of business strategies and techniques, he is not limited by them, and instead can bring them to bear, as needed, in innovative and effective ways.”

“Your pointed questions always suggest a bigger context for our work than I ever imagine at the time.”

“Rich has provided me the guidance and focus to work on my company, not just another employee in it.  As a second generation owner of my family business, the transition was critical and the guidance we received from InterSource produced great results.”

 “John’s consulting took the struggle out of my business and replaced it with a freedom to create using a structure designed to succeed.”

“You not only spoke my vision, mission, goals, dreams, and desires in a way that clarified them, you also provided a process for attaining them.”

“I could not imagine my business without weekly meetings with Rich.  His guidance on structuring my company allowed us to double our revenue in just one year!”

 “This program is one of the best we’ve ever done.”

“We doubled in size each of the last two years and we couldn’t have done it without you.”

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