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“Begin with the End in Mind”
Stephen Covey, The Seven Habits Of Highly Effective People

Someday, every business owner will get a call out of the blue with an offer to buy their company.  InterSource’s Company Blueprint™ prepares business owners well in advance to handle this call and their eventual transfer of ownership.  A Company Blueprint™ addresses the owner’s personal and business goals well before, during, and after an owner’s transition out of the business.  InterSource is unique in providing the integrated value creation approach that increases the value of the company as well as ensures continuity of the business. 

Control Your Business Destiny®
InterSource’s Company Blueprint™ places the business owner in control of their own business destiny, where goals are set by the owner and the Company Blueprint™ is crafted to provide the pathway to achieve them.  Even though the actual exit may be years away, the business and owner both benefit from the long term implementation of InterSource’s specific techniques that build enterprise value, minimize risk, ensure a smooth transition, and give the owner/CEO options that may not currently exist.  The business will be more ready to meet changing circumstances internally and in the competitive market and be in better shape for a transaction when the time is right.  

The Company Blueprint™ Team
A Company Blueprint™ can only be done by an experienced team; no one professional has all of the answers.  A wide array of specialized skills and experience are brought to bear in the creation and implementation of a Company Blueprint™.  In addition to their own specialties, each professional needs to understand and work together within the Company Blueprint™ process.  InterSource coordinates a team that consists of:

  • Legal – both Corporate and Estate attorneys who can advise on the optimum structures for business and personal holdings that maximize value and security
  • Financial – including a CPA and a Financial Advisor to do tax and financial planning to ensure the value creation is not lost to taxes and make sure the personal goals are met
  • Insurance / risk mitigation expert who can handle both business and personal insurance and contingency planning for an unexpected management transition
  • Valuation expert to provide an objective assessment of the current company value and provides insight into the distance to the owner’s ultimate goals
  • Investment banker who understands the nuances of marketing a business to a third party and also is current with market conditions and potential buyers
  • CEO Advisor who works one on one with the owner/CEO to create and implement the strategies and operational systems that will grow the business value and create a smooth management transition

The Company Blueprint™ Process
The Company Blueprint™ process addresses the CEO’s management and ownership issues over the life cycle of the company.  Three distinct perspectives are used for a completely integrated approach. 

  • Personal – includes financial, lifestyle, and estate goals
  • Corporate – covers enterprise value, management, succession, and contingency
  • Exit – any type of exit or transition is supported by the Company Blueprint™ process
The process is designed to be flexible enough to accommodate the client’s needs and schedule.  Once the process is initiated and the client has their one point of contact, the team members are introduced individually at each step.  Company and personal work (Steps 2 and 3) are done in parallel. 
Initial client meeting – goals and information (Two parts)

Company work – management, legal, tax (Five parts)
(in parallel with #3)


Personal work – financial, legal (Three parts)
(in parallel with #2)

Exit or transition possibilities –  (Three parts)
Draft Company Blueprint™ – initial recommendations
SurroundTable® meeting – whole team
Deliver final draft of Company Blueprint™ – client approval
Begin implementation
Regular follow up meetings, monitoring, and course corrections – updates, modifications (Two parts)
As a trusted advisor, InterSource plays a central role with the business owner/CEO in the creation of the Company Blueprint™ due to its collection of skill sets and relationships.  During the implementation phase, InterSource works with the company to build significant enterprise value based on the Company Blueprint™ and the Strategic Plan created to implement the Company Blueprint™.  The Company Blueprint™ is offered as is either a stand alone deliverable or integrated with a long-term CEO Advisory relationship, both of which help set the company on the path to maximizing value for the owner/CEO. 

How is a Company Blueprint™ different from an Exit Plan?


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