Company Blueprint - Exit Planning

Avoid instant exit plans.

It’s not unusual for the legal, accounting, financial, and insurance industries to offer an “exit plan” as a tool to sell other, more profitable services. This may be done without the benefit of exit planning professionals or a thorough examination of your current business situation and future goals. You end up with a document, and they’re done. 


  • Will they help you grow your company from where you are today to where you need to be upon exit?
  • Can the one person who sent you your plan know everything you need to make the plan work?
  • Can it really produce optimal results without considering all other aspects of your business?

Probably not.

Create an exit plan that works.

A true exit plan is a team effort. Our Company Blueprint ™ process is fully integrated with all InterSource CEO Advisory Services. It draws upon the expertise of your Advisor—who has first-hand entrepreneurial experience—and a multidisciplinary team of planning experts.

This process addresses several issues:

  • Your company’s current value vs. financial goals
  • Strategies and action plans to grow your business and build value
  • The ideal time needed to achieve your goals
  • Stakeholders: partners, employees, shareholders, family
  • Changes in the business or its environment that require adjustments to your plan
  • Solid business advice for as long as you need it

You can’t have an exit until you know where the door is. We help you build a home for your business with that door exactly where you want it. As one part of your overall business, a Company Blueprint ™ is a powerful tool to control your business destiny.

Learn how to build an exit plan consistent with your business and personal goals. Contact Us for an introductory consultation.


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