CEO Advisory Services

When business as usual is not good enough

InterSource is the only company that combines a proven process for dynamic business growth with an experienced CEO Advisor who has been successful in building companies and who is always available to the client to provide advice, guidance, and introductions.  All the CEO Advisor partners are former CEOs of multiple companies who work one on one with the client CEO on a regular basis. 

A typical client is a middle market or emerging growth owner-managed business that is experiencing or anticipating rapid growth or other significant change.  Often, the CEO is at the leading edge of their experience, having founded and grown their company to its current size.  They have an idea of where they want to go next and realize there are some “blind priorities” outside of their vision and experience.  Smart CEOs realize they can’t know everything, and begin building an external advisory relationship for themselves that augments how they work with their internal management team. 

CEO Advisory Services are relationship oriented rather than project or transaction oriented.  A regular schedule of meetings is established which provides the CEO continuity and accountability.  Since growth companies are, by definition, dynamic environments, the work to advise and manage must be ongoing, not a yearly or even quarterly session. 

Within this relationship InterSource employs a proven methodology to help the CEO guide the company towards whatever goals they have created.  All companies comprise many interrelated systems and InterSource’s methodology works across the whole enterprise beginning with the CEO’s priority presenting issue.  This also helps to ensure that every aspect that needs to be addressed gets covered, even if the CEO doesn’t think to inquire. 

InterSource CEO Advisors, by the very nature of their work, come to be trusted advisors to many CEOs and are usually the “first call” when the CEO needs something.  The CEO Advisors all have a wide range of real world experiences and a substantial local network of other experts.  A large part of the value provided to the client CEO is the connection to outside resources when additional expertise is needed. 

The combination of these factors provides the CEO a highly leveraged resource, which helps them move their business to succeeding levels of growth, maturity, profitability, and value.  This relationship becomes an experience accelerator for the client CEO. 


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