Our advice doesn’t stop at your door. 

One of the reasons we’ve been so successful is that we don’t advise in a vacuum.  When the time comes to implement a new decision we don’t just wish you the best of luck and hope it all turns out. 

We connect you to the specific experts that you need.  You’re not saddled with another pile of work and uncertainty trying to find someone without even knowing the right questions, then educating them and hoping their work meshes with everything else. 

We connect you to specialists who we know do good work.  With our broad network we choose the best fit for your situation thereby saving you time and minimizing your risk.  Since we’ve worked with them before, they’re familiar with how we operate and by the time we connect you they’re fully briefed and ready to go.  As a high quality referral source for many other professionals our clients get priority treatment when we make introductions and we are always monitoring and expanding our resources. 

Once underway you have a direct connection to the experts.  We integrate our work with theirs as necessary and help you coordinate everything.  We don’t stay in the middle to slow things down or jack up the price.  Our CEO Advisors receive no special compensation for any particular referral so you know that your best interests are the only criteria. 

There will be times that you’ll need subject matter experts or specialized practitioners for specific tasks.  Typical examples include:  corporate law, accounting, marketing, advertising, human resources, training, banking, finance, mergers and acquisitions, valuation, estate planning, wealth management, insurance, organizational development, intellectual property, technology, and others. 

The net result is that you have a single, reliable point of contact to any expertise you need, without compromising quality or price.  It’s the best of all worlds. 


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