Case Study 4

The Client:
A discount office furniture store with four locations.

The Issue:
The chain needed to increase sales significantly, both in the short and long term.  Consumer awareness was negligible.

A Closer Look:
Using primary and secondary research, we identified decision makers and decision criteria involved in the purchase of office furniture.  Interestingly, while the client's competition was stressing only price, research indicated that service and selection were equally if not more important.  Additionally, since readiness to buy varies from an immediate to long-term need, a continuing presence was required to assure awareness at the proper time.

A Solution:
Upon our recommendation, the client offered delivery within five business days, a unique service in its market.  A direct mail campaign directed at key decision makers,  a business advertising campaign, and targeted radio commercials stressed the client's now three major competitive advantages: fast delivery, large in-stock selection, quality product at a good price. 

The Bottom Line:
The campaign generated 1200 qualified leads within its first three months, increasing sales volume 20%.  The client subsequently opened two additional stores, and continues to expand.

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