Case Study 5

The Client:
A company that buys, sells, and brokers financial products nationwide.

The Issue:
The company's senior management realized that it was losing its competitive position because, in the midst of ongoing negotiations, senior analysts had to spend inordinate time redoing calculations as specific numbers changed.

A Closer Look:
We worked with the client to determine the full range of current needs, current operations, future growth potential, available personnel, and areas in which automation might be helpful.

A Solution:
We developed a computer program to handle all pricing and "what-if" scenarios, automatically updating calculations during negotiations over time.  We installed and configured an on-line system, wrote all documentation, and trained personnel to use the software. Working with the client, we were able to delegate some of the initial work to staff members.

The Bottom Line:
The new program reduced total labor by 60% and senior analyst labor by 90%.  By virtually eliminating recalculation time, the number of scenarios that could be examined was dramatically increased, thus making each deal more profitable and enabling the company to do more work with more sources -- an advantage that placed it far ahead of its competitors.

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